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what is council tax?
Council tax is an annual charge placed on a property in the United Kingdom. The money raised from this tax is used as a means of paying for local authority services and amenities. Council tax was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1993 under the Local Government Finance Act 1992 and is designed to ensure that homeowners and tenants alike contribute towards the services they use in their area on a daily basis. 
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what does council tax pay for?
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how to pay less council tax?
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how to pay council tax?
Your council tax is payable annually and the amount you can calculate for yourself what you need to pay using our online council tax calculator. As the homeowner or tenant living in a particular property, it is your job to ensure that the council tax is paid to the local authority either once a year in a lump sum or monthly in instalments. This can be done in a variety of different ways.

what council tax band is my house in?
It is important to have a clear understanding of how your local authority calculates and bills for council tax on an annual basis. The majority of households in the United Kingdom are eligible to pay council tax and as such, being aware of your council tax band and property value is necessary to avoid further confusion.

what council area am I in?
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How much is my council tax?
The amount of council tax you are expected to pay annually will vary depending on your area and the band in which your local authority has placed your property.

What is my council tax band?
Your council tax band is, as we have already touched on, determined by several important factors. Location and value of property are the most important aspects of determining your council tax and while some may pay less council tax in the north of England for example, homeowners in the southern regions may pay more.

How much is council tax band A?
You’ve landed on this page of the www.counciltax.info site because you want to know what the current rate of council tax is for a band A property.
How much is Band A Council Tax in Wales?
While some may find it unfair that not all councils apply the same calculations to their council tax, some regions pay varying amounts.